Awkward & Awesome

-the 20 minute biker wedding that happend at the river in idaho falls last saturday afternoon. ok it was pretty cool.
-my ipod thinking its 9:30am when its really 11:15am. oh and it thinks it january 4th. WHAT?!
-resetting my ipods date and time and then 30 seconds later its back to wack. insert eyeroll.
-cold sores.
-teaching my mom how to make sno cones. :)
-yelling out your friends nickname in a crowd of people...
...and your friends nickname is CAMEL TOE. whooops. no lady i wasnt talking to you.... :)
-me. fetch ive said some AWKWARD things this week.

-getting to work at the caboose allllll day today, friday, AND saturday. gonna be tired but totally worth it!
-my cheer babies missing me while i wasnt able to go to cheer camp!
-making it to class on time yesterday. first time in a while. haha
-going for a run outside
-my peachy lashes
-taking little drives by yourself
-star gazing
-grapes. yummy.

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  1. I need to come see your caboose oh my bad I need to come see you at the caboose! Hahaha love you lady and what's new you always say a lot of awkward things :)