Awkward & Awesome

-sinus infections
-the nasty dancers who were doing the Carmen Electra at the kiddie pool
-zits at the very tip of your nose.... i mean seriously. ouch!
-Shake Weight commercials haha
-my grammy being put in the hospital. :(
-accidentally shutting my sisters cat underneath the sink for over an hour... sorry bootsie!

-booking your flight to Vegas, the day it leaves. ok this might just be stupid.
-Sammy's. YUMMY!!!
-Shake Weights. they rock. mock them all you want!
-finally getting to work at the Caboose this weekend!
-visiting my grams in the hospital and taking her for a walk and listening to the funny things she said while on pain med. oh dear.
-sleepovers with my sister. TWICE this week.
-my sister is taking her PTA licensure exam friday! Good Luck!!

1 comment:

  1. I hope your grandma is doing okay. Cat, under sink, accident. Hmmm sounds kinda fishy to me :) love your guts!