TOTAL man.

ok 2 funny parts to this story....
Yesterday we had a family get-together and my dad had a church meeting so he got there late...

first funny part: 
while we were waiting for my dad, his brother, was telling my mom about the funny birthday card he got a few weeks earlier... and my mom laughed and said, "thats funny i think ive heard that one before maybe." [secret insight: my family  forgets  doesnt have time to get birthday presents BEFORE  birthday party's, we have to wait until the night before the next get-together to go "pick it up" at the store. :) ] well when my dad got there he gave my uncle his birthday present... and he opened the card and low and behold... it was the SAME ONE he got a few weeks earlier. 
Yes mom you did hear that one before... last night actually!!

second funny part:
my cousin who is maybe 3 saw the card and as it got passed around for everyone to see he trailed along besides it and finally we said ok no more, and put it away... well ten or fifteen minutes later this is what i saw...

what is so funny you say.... well lets take a closer look at the card...

 im guessing he was interested by the ocean. :) 
oh boys! 

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