Awkward & Awesome

-liars. they are pathetic.
-tests. they just suck.
-sand, in your shower, and in your bathroom floor. and you didnt even go anywhere fun....
-ALLERGIES. fetch are everyone's super bad this year?!
-how many snocones i ate this weekend, and was already craving one on Sunday. (i mentioned this to my little sister on sunday and she said: "i know... we really dont take full advantage of them when we can do we?" :) thats my girl!)
-my father, step mother, and my little bebe brodder and seeester mooooving away. :(
-my teacher re teaches the SAME lesson every other week. Alzheimers?

-teachers cancelling class. God bless you!
-the YETI at the river in idaho falls.
-watching the yeti scare people at the river.
- the weather idaho has been blessed with.
-spending an entire day with a great friend.
-only 3 more weeks until my summer vacation!
-the little red riding hood! absolutely amazing!

1 comment:

  1. Yummmmm! I need to come see you and get a snocone. Sorry your dads moving away where in the world are they going you just moved closer to them.