Just Remembering Last Summer....

i cant stop laughing about this, so i thought it would be appropriate to share...

last summer, we built a shelter thing over our cement pad out in our backyard, and we set up our fire pit and got cute furniture... ect. well pretty much every night me and my family and some friends would go out by the fire. well one night i decided that it would be cool to invite all my friends... so instead of calling everyone or texting them, i turned to FACEBOOK. My status update went something like this:
"fire at my house tonight!! everyone come!!"
after an hour or so, my mom got a few texts asking if everything was okay at our house... she replied uhhhh yes. BUT when she got a call from a friend she hadnt talked to in years asking if there was anything that she could do for us she had to ask what is going on?! 
the lady replied... well kylee said that there was a fire at your guys house tonight and i just wanted to make sure everything was okay. 

humans are silly. 

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